Noise Protection for Short Term and Vacation Rentals

Why NoiseAware?

You have heard it before: failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Vacation Rental Managers and Airbnb hosts are responsible for their guests' behavior. NoiseAware is the first noise monitoring service designed to prevent noise complaints. Simply set your quiet hours and noise sensitivity threshold and relax. If the noise levels at your rental exceed your customized settings, NoiseAware instantly sends you a noise violation alert. Because your neighbors shouldn't have to be your noise monitor, you can now relax knowing that your quiet hours are, indeed, quiet. 

Prevent noise complaints through real-time awareness.

World’s first “smoke detector for noise”

World’s first “smoke detector for noise”

Our Noise Monitoring Service provides early detection for your property to eliminate neighbor complaints, expensive fines, and property damage.

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Prevent your noise nightmare

Prevent your noise nightmare

Are you fearful of finding out about your loud guests from your neighbors or the police? NoiseAware is a preventative deterrent to guests and with instant alerts we put you in control. You're the first to know of noise issues, not the last.

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  • Plug and Play

    Installation takes less than 5 minutes. Simply plug the sensor into your wall outlet faceplate and we walk you through the setup process.

  • Dashboard Management

    Our dashboard helps you manage all of your properties in one place. Whether you have one property or multiple properties we make it easy to monitor the noise level at each property no matter where you are.

  • Privacy Safe

    Guests' privacy is always protected. Our patent pending technology ensures that no content is recorded.

  • 24/7 Noise Monitoring

    You customize the settings and NoiseAware monitors your property so you don't have to.

  • Access to Historical Data

    With NoiseAware, hindsight is 20/20. Access your properties' historical noise level data through the dashboard at anytime, anywhere.

  • Instant Alerts

    Since you are on a need-to-know basis, if noise levels exceed your set threshold, we'll notify you via SMS or email immediately.

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Does NoiseAware invade privacy?

NO. NoiseAware does not and cannot make any recordings. Our proprietary technology identifies noise disturbances without violating guest's privacy. Privacy is our number one concern.

How does NoiseAware help prevent noise complaints?

REAL-TIME ALERTS. NoiseAware sends you instant alerts when your quiet hours are violated. By getting noise disturbance alerts from NoiseAware -- instead of the neighbors or police -- you have an opportunity to check on your property BEFORE neighbors and police need to get involved. Many noise complaints occur when guests don't realize they are exceeding acceptable noise levels during quiet hours. With NoiseAware, managers and hosts are able to have a positive interaction with guests instead of dealing with the fallout of an unmitigated noise complaints. When a noise issue is detected quickly, texting your guest a friendly reminder about quiet hours or a heads up about your city's noise nuisance fines will oftentimes solve noise nuisance issues. Furthermore, NoiseAware verifies that noise disturbances have ceased. Our goal is to protect you and your guests from disastrous noise complaints.

Can I choose how NoiseAware notifies me of a noise disturbance?

YES. During the 5 minutes set up process, you will customize who you want to receive NoiseAware alerts. We can send text messages and/or emails and are working on integrating with property management software systems. Most managers send alerts to the 24 hour on-call staff and management. Changing settings can be done in seconds from your account on our website.

Can I customize the quiet hours? Sensitivity?

YES. NoiseAware can be customized for each property both with quiet hours settings and noise sensitivity. A property with a history of noise complaints and sensitive neighbors would likely be set to "Very Sensitive". Other settings are "Moderate" and "Not Very Sensitive".

What happens in the NoiseAware sensor is unplugged from the wall? Or the WiFi fails?

MANAGER IS NOTIFIED. In either case, if the sensor is unplugged or the wifi is down, our system recognizes the loss of connectivity and will alert the vacation rental manager. Note: to prevent removal, the decibel sensor is designed to be secured to standard electrical outlets using faceplate screw.

Is NoiseAware available for purchase now?

YES! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: